As a member of the MIT Global LEAP consortium, you will be strategically positioned at the intersection of research in technology, business, and sustainability practices—and you will be among the first in the world to benefit from the insights and innovations emerging from that research. Working closely with MIT CTL, MIT MSL, and its research partners, you will

• Look beyond the walls of your company—far upstream or downstream—for strategic ways to reduce your impact.
• Evaluate trade-offs along multiple dimensions, including greenhouse gas emissions, resource consumption, and waste generation.
• Align your goals for improvement with sound economic performance so that your green efforts strengthen the organization.
• Comply with local regulations while elevating your business as an environmental leader in the marketplace.

Interested in learning more about engaging with LEAP? We work closely with our partner companies to address their specific environmental performance issues. To learn more, contact Suzanne Greene, Environmental Footprinting Initiative Manager, at (617) 715-5473 or