The Global Leaders in Environmental Assessment and Performance
is a collaboration between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s
Center for Transportation & Logistics and Materials Systems Laboratory.


  • Dr. Edgar Blanco, Research Director at CTL
  • Dr. Randolph Kirchain, Principal Research Scientist at MSL
  • Dr. Richard Roth, Research Associate at MSL
  • Dr. Jeremy Gregory, Research Associate at MSL
  • Dr. Elsa Olivetti, Research Scientist at MSL
  • Suzanne Greene, Environmental Footprinting Initiative Project Manager at CTL and MSL


  • Dr. Natalia Duque Ciceri, Postdoctoral Researcher at CTL and MSL
  • Dr. Huabo Duan, Postdoctoral Researcher at MSL
  • Tony Craig, Research Assistant at CTL
  • Dr. Cissy Yang, Postdoctoral Researcher at CTL
  • Dr. Eva Ponce, Visiting Scholar at CTL

For more information on Leaders in Environmental Assessment and Performance, please contact Suzanne Greene.